Ukraine war Diaries: Gerorgians say 'I'll be there for you'

ukraine war diaries: gerorgians say 'i'll be there for you'

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ukraine war diaries: gerorgians say ‘i’ll be there for you’

‘Georgia’s climate is much more suitable for me, but I am here to help Ukraine win.’

It’s August of 2008 in Georgia. The heat is retreating, paying the way for balmy weather. But Moscow doesn’t like anything pleasant, be it the early 1990s or 2008.

Cut to 2022. Kremlin is once again at it. This time in Ukraine.

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Georgians vividly remember the support they got from their war-ravaged neighboring country in those evil situations.

Reshet is one such Georgian citizen, helping Ukraine fight against Russia.

Reshet, who is also the branch commander of the Georgia Legion in Ukraine tells me, “it’s only fair if Georgians repay with their blood because Ukrainians were the only ones who actually came to help us fight Russia.”

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He further shares, “Georgia’s climate is much more suitable for me than Ukraine’s because it’s much warmer there and it’s easier to breathe.”

But despite all odds, Reshet is not just fighting Russian forces on the ground but also raiding the pseudo-information and narrative war through his dark comedy on his social media account.

Reshet smiles, “I’m not a funny person in normal life, but this way it is much more tolerable to go through this difficult moment, plus it helps catch the much-needed world’s attention.”

He continues, “If you don’t use humor, you can go crazy and lose things. It’s so much easier to make jokes about everything. It doesn’t hurt to make jokes, especially if those jokes hurt Russia’s feelings.”

Reshet who occasionally hosts virtual bars on Twitter, asking people to join with their drinks while he is the bartender – describes the 21st-century war as ‘a great historic, although tragic moment where Russia can finally be defeated and cease to exist as a federation of evil & terrorism.’

When I asked Reshet, what he wishes to be doing had it been no war, with an aching heart and agony of mind, he says, “Just building a house…having some Grapes and wine.”

“But it’s a great historical moment in time for us to be able to defeat Russians, and lots of countries want to do just that, so I’m quite happy to be here”, he ends.

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