ETHDenver brings cryptocurrency and blockchain fans to Colorado

Here’s what took place inside the Block-chain Cryptocurrency Convention in Denver

Here’s what took place inside the Block-chain Cryptocurrency Convention in Denver


This week, the world’s second-largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, ETHDenver, is taking place at the National Western. 

Two of the entrepreneurs attending are “Vinny Crypto” and Matt with On Chain Records.

“We make physical records and you have your NFC chip made by Conlan right inside there so you can upload your digital content as an artist, musician any sort of audio that you want on there so we add the physical digital bridge your digital physical record,” Vinny said.

The crypto and blockchain crowd has their own culture, Loud colors and fantasy creatures like unicorns abound at ETHDenver, and while it may look silly on the outside, there is very serious business going on here.

These are the people working on the technology of the future, which is why Vinny and Matt came. To collaborate and learn.

“Definitely ideas like definitely seeing who’s making love meeting the builders meeting people that are actually creating it too,” Vinny said.

There is a builder room for working and plenty of talks and panels going on as well as some fun stuff to blow off steam. Matt and Vinny say getting to meet and spend time with like-minded tech professionals helps them grow and form partnerships.

“You’re online for however long working with someone but, it takes an extra step that extra human contact to help really, you know, have your communication go to that next level,” Vinny said. 

It doesn’t hurt that it’s being held in a place like Denver with a growing tech industry and a lot to offer.

“Denver, you know, people come from all around the world and I think it’s a place to just all get together in IRL (in real life),” Matt said.